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Description for 48PCS Glass Bowl Set With Display Stand

This 48pcs bowl set and display stand from Lookah is a great way to buy a massive bundle of cool-designed bowls. 

Each of these 48 intricately designed glass herb bowls has been crafted by hand. The bowls feature a range of stunning designs and bright colors. 
From seahorses to skulls, fish pendants, mushrooms, and octopus tentacle-decorated bowls. Each is immensely detailed and will take your piece to the next level. 

All 48 hand-crafted bowls have a 14mm male joint, so they are compatible with 14mm female joint water pipes. 

This product comes with a large display stand shaped like a rocket. The stand has four tiers, each able to rotate independently.
Each of these has 12 sockets that can accommodate 14mm or 18mm pieces. To adjust the size of each hole, use the silicon inserts provided. 

Display Stand Assembly
The display stand comes with a base, a top, 4 spacers and 4 display arms, and 48 silicone inserts. 
Make sure each of the 4 display arms has 12 of the silicone interests in the holes. If not, add these now.
Place one spacer into the base with the threaded end pointed up.
Then place one of the display arms over the thread.
Connected a second spacer, with the threaded end up, and screw onto the previous one. Don't screw these too tight, or else it will prevent the display arms from rotating. Place another display arm over the threaded top of the spacer, followed by the next display arm.
When the last display arm has been put on, screw the top of the stand into place. Ensure that the base of the stand and the spacers are screwed into place and not too tight to prevent the display arms from rotating freely. You can now put the 48 glass bowls on display. 


 Kits include

LBD-48CT Stand and Bowls
48 Glass Bowls (14mm male joint)
Display Stand
48 Silicon Inserts 
4 Display Arms
4 Display Spacers
1 Display Base
1 Display Top

LD-48CT - Display Stand
48 Silicon Inserts 
4 Display Arms
4 Display Spacers
1 Display Base
1 Display Top

LBS-48CT  Glass Bowls
48 Glass Bowls (14mm male joint)

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