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King Palm French Brown Papers - An Upscale Rolling Paper Option for Your Smoke Shop

In the world of cannabis, rolling papers are a must-have item for customers. But not all rolling papers are created equal. Many customers are seeking out an elevated experience when they buy their rolling papers and your shop needs to provide that option. That’s why you need to stock King Palm 1 ¼ Size French Brown Papers with Flavored Tips - 24ct Display!

These papers come with the signature King Palm Squeeze & Pop™ filter tips, making them perfect for customers who want to roll their own cigarettes or joints. The natural joint filter tip flavors are formulated specifically to complement the chosen strain of cannabis while never overpowering it. 

The 1 ¼ size is one of the most popular sizes sought by customers, and these ultra-thin papers burn slow and even—another thing your customers will appreciate. Each display contains 24 booklets, each with 24 standard (1 ¼) size French Brown papers and 11 tips so you can offer this unique option to your loyal customers again and again.  

These high-quality French brown rolling papers provide a luxurious experience that your smoke shop should offer. Rolled in a soft corn husk paper wrap, these smooth burning rolling papers will help you stand apart from other shops because they create an upscale experience that’s sure to please your most discerning customers.

Customers looking for an upscale smoking experience will appreciate the added value of King Palm French Brown Papers with Flavored Tips - 24ct Display! This luxurious option is sure to keep them coming back for more again and again, which makes it a great addition to your smoke shop product selection. Help your smoke shop stand apart from others by offering this high-quality option today!

  • Each display contains 24 booklets.
  • Each booklet contains 24 Standard (1 1/4) size French Brown papers and 11 tips.

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