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UP SAFE CAN 12oz (CAN11)

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UP SAFE CAN 12oz (CAN11)

  • The soda can diversion safe offers a convenient hiding spot for your coolest items.
  • These are so easy to use!
  • Just unscrew the top of the can and place your valuables.
  • It will fit in with the rest of your drinks right in your refrigerator.
  • Use this cool SECRET SAFE to hide money, jewelry, or any other valuables.

Introducing UP SAFE CAN 12oz (CAN11), the safest and most reliable upgraded aluminum can for any event! With our innovative design, you will be ensuring that you're always consuming your favorite drinks in style. Our aluminum construction provides unparalleled protection and stability for long-lasting use. The wall thickness is extra thick to allow for a longer lasting product life and increased insulation against any outside elements. Not only does this provide performance reliability, but it also ensures that your drinks are kept hot or cold as desired.

The sleek black finish of CAN 11 makes a stunning statement, while its anti-slip texture and patterned design serves as a visual reminder of the security this can provides. Plus, each can comes with a convenient lid that helps you prevent spills and mess while keeping your drink at the optimal temperature. Make every sip stylish and secure with UP SAFE CAN 12oz (CAN11)! Get yours today!

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